DYNAMIC MASSAGE THERAPY introduces clients to a new relaxed and fluid relationship to the body.  DMT uses a combination of restorative movement and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and allied modalites to relieve chronic tension patterns and introduce healthy patterns of movement and alignment.  Clients will experience a release of limitations to mobility and increased body awareness and ease.  

Customized therapeutic bodywork emphasizing Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy

One Hour In-Call Massage  – $150

One Hour In-Call Massage – 5-Session Series – $700 – book in  person



ELTESIA THERAPEUTIC MOVEMENT TECHNIQUE offers clients a means to continue the progress made on the massage table.  This proprietary system enhances individual mobility, body awareness, and physical function, while reducing the negative postural elements that result in chronic pain.   

Awareness-based alignment training designed to build on the benefits of your massage

One Hour Online Eltesia Integrative Training – $100 

One Hour Online Eltesia Integrative Training – 5-Session Series – $450 – book in person

90 Minute Online Eltesia Integrative Training – $150

90 Minute Online Eltesia Integrative Training – 5-Session Series – $700 – book in person


Create a healthy work-from-home working experience – with advice about work space setup, maintaining activity levels throughout the day, and minimizing pain patterns resulting from this new normal. A Home Ergonomic Assessment session can be bundled into an Eltesia Integrative Training session or booked separately.
Online Home Ergonomic Assessment $100



BOTANICAL MATCHMAKING grew out of Malinda’s desire to use her 25 year love of plants to help others who want to create happier greener environments in your homes, but don’t know where to start. Over the years, she noticed that people who thought they were “bad with plants” were simply picking the wrong ones. This consult will help you find the plants that work in your space and with your personality.  The consult includes light assessment, a list of suitable plants with care instructions, and suggestions for online plant retailers.  Let’s find you some plant love.

Find your plant match to create a happier greener environment in your home

Botanical Matchmaking Consultation$100


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